viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Young Man Flexing The Upper Body and ABS

In this new update so I want to show more detail the top of my body where they can see details of the torso, chest and abs, the idea of this video is to see the progress I have achieved after training in these areas of my body, this progress small motivate me to keep working harder every day in the gym to achieve the goals I have set physical and muscular level.

I tell them that I had some health problems, nothing serious, but even so have affected my performance in the gym, but I am very optimistic and hope to be better very soon with the help of God and the doctors, rather than discourage it , motivates me to strive to be better, I also want to tell you that I can not for some time eating any kind of protein supplements for the treatment to which I am submitting, so that will be a little more complicated for me to gain muscle faster, but I am looking for other options with the help of my nutritionist to improve my diet and meet the requirements my body needs to grow on the muscle, it does not leave my goals and my goal is to grow and develop an athletic body with muscle mass quality and healthy.

Thank you all for your support and love during these months, If They like my videos and updates please leave me a comment, message or suggestion.

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Blessings, successes, peace, love and good health.

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