viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Full Flexing Body

In this new update I want to share with you a video where I make a little review of several of the most important areas of the body muscaular level of development such as: where arms are important muscles such as biceps, triceps and forearm, the upper body where the muscles of the chest, abs and core, the back area comprising a variety of important muscles to give slimness and stability, which are located on the upper back, middle and low respectively, and not downplay the legs and calves, which contain many muscles that help us look good and give us strength for activities such as running, jogging or just walking.

So this is what we will see in this video we review the most important areas of my body which focuses more development and the work I do at the gym, I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording and editing the video.

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Peace, Love, Success, Good Health and Blessings.


TIP OF THE DAY: Develop And Strengthen The Muscle Mass


Working with weights a rupture of muscle fibers are replaced with stronger and more resilient fibers, strengthening our muscle mass.

Model: Stefan Gatt

lunes, 23 de julio de 2012


Excellent video prepared by the Men's Health magazine in which we show a powerful workout to train the whole body, so if we want to gain more muscle Let's look and put these tips into practice.

TIP OF THE DAY: Always Train

A good body is not achieved if only train for the summer. Practice round: you'll look better and enjoy a healthier life.


Model: Toby Barnett by Aussiebum

viernes, 20 de julio de 2012


This is my photo photo of the day, this morning I get out of bed very happy and willing to take a new picture, so I did the shot right away. The photo clearly shows the muscles and shape of my torso, just as you can see the flex of the biceps and the contraction of the muscles of chest and abdomen, slightly shows the V-shape of the pelvis and vascularity of the forearms.

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Successful and happy day.


TIP OF THE DAY: Weight Exercise Improves Physical and Mental Health


Physical activity helps reduce disease and disability, improves mental health and, consequently, increases longevity.

Model: Joe Manganiello by Men's Health Uk


Meet Michael Phelps, a comprehensive sports with a healthy lifestyle, known as one of the swimmers most important of these times, who is known for his perseverance, tenacity and competitive sport, is champion and is considered the new American hero , In Good Time Michael!

More Info:


The penis is always under pressure. The owners always want more of it, that hold more that work better and of course, whichever is greater. The issue of size and men's dissatisfaction with the size it is his penis is ancient. And do not exaggerate, the first "technical" for penis enlargement lossumerios dating, the first known human civilization, about 5000 years. This "art" did not work and 5 thousand years later still looking, still without success, one that does, ie 5000 years we blur of what is really important.

Lately it has been talking about the "small penis syndrome" which refers to men who feel they have a small penis when objectively has an average size. This belief affects their lives, damaging their self esteem and their ability to engage sexually with a partner, for fear of not being a good lover. Here a little perspective:

  • The average erect penis size is between 10 and 15 cm and 12 to 13 inches in circumference at the middle trunk, which is the widest part.

  • The vagina is about 7 cm resting depth and once excited can grow to 14 cms.

  • The vagina is only sensitive counting the first 3 cm from the entrance. The rest of the vaginal canal is insensitive.

  • 85% of women are unhappy with the size of their partner's penis and complaining, mostly because it is too big and becomes painful penetration.

  • However, 45% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penises because they consider them too small.

  • Only 0.6% of men have a micropenis, a condition where the penis is smaller than 5 cm in erection, but is fully functional.

Moreover, studies indicate that when a woman was satisfactory measures how sex refers neither to the size of the penis of her lover, even by reaching orgasm or not, but the emotional connection they could do with his partner before, during and especially after sex. Yes, the famous "snuggle" is what, ultimately, makes a good lover is really important.

Model : Jamie Dominic by Rick Day


Your body needs a pint of milk to repair muscles after weight lifting exercise



If you take a lower grip bench press, will activate 30% more fiber in your upper chest.


lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

MY PHOTO OF THE DAY : Strength, Attitude and Flex

This is my photo of the day, is the beginning of week and time for a new picture , the shot was taken this morning, I get out of bed very happy and full of energy, do some work and look after my camera and take this incredible image. In the picture you can clearly see how much of my body and muscles, highlighting the muscles of my torso where you can see the figure of the chest, the contraction of my abdomen, and the V-shape of the pelvis, and the area of my arms, flexion of my biceps and forearms.

If you like please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions, it is with love that I do these photos, so enjoy.

Successful and happy day.


SEXUAL TIP OF THE DAY : Read with your partner a chapter of erotic literature

If erotic or porn films increase our desire to double the literature, which is all imagination, increases threefold. Get some very explicit classic novels of authors like the Marquis de Sade, Henry Miller, Almudena Grandes, Zola, DH Lawrence, Vladimir Nabokov, Lautreamont, Lezama Lima or Bukowski.

Previously read a few chapters and then choose the most erotic and descriptive. Then read it in bed or couch with your girl while both are naked. There will inevitably fall she made ​​before the words written by any of these experts in eroticism and sex. When she can no longer more ... then yes, you release the book and the rest continue ...

TIP OF THE DAY : Clean Your Body

Cleanliness is essential to everything that you want to start. So to regain some weight whenever necessary, before beginning, follow a diet of purification. This should be done as many times the body may not be absorbing nutrients properly due to excessive accumulation of toxins in the intestine or some deficiency in the functioning of an organ. So do not worry that this diet will not make you lose more weight but to gain a healthier body for the purpose you want.

Model: Cody Callahan by Rick Day



Leo Rico, model and firefighter Spanish lover of sport, the exercise and healthy lifestyle, Leo is a modern man, life and style Men's helath, and an example and role model for those who want to have a training in fitness and looking good, check out this short trailer of a day with Leo Rico, take a look.


Sports Tip of the day: Just make a few more series, your strength can increase up to 20%.


To burn fat, orange juice fortified with calcium and vitamin D will help you more than conventional.


miércoles, 11 de julio de 2012

MY PHOTO OF THE DAY : Pose and Flex

This is my photo of the day, the shot was taken this morning, I just remove the shirt that is part of my pajamas, I stood in front of the camera and capture this wonderful image, personally I'm really like this picture because has character, conveys strength and apart makes me look like a professional model. The photo clearly shows the shape and musculature of my torso, standing out the form and definition of my abs, chest figure, the V-shape of the pelvis and in general it shows all the work and progress that I have obtained recently in my training.

If you like please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions, it is with love that I do these photos, so enjoy.

Happy Day and Success.

TIP OF THE DAY : Symmetry

Always remember the importance of symmetry.

Having muscle is good, but is in the right places is even better. The human eye unconsciously flowing from the shoulders to the twins, to the waist, when evaluating a physicist. Do not neglect the relationship between those parts of the body.

Model : Adam Becker by Rick Day 


Front squats reduce back pain and prevent discomfort in that area, according to British experts.



If you are on a diet, watch out for grain: two out of three packages containing at least 26% sugar in relation to its weight.


lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

MY PHOTO OF THE DAY : Flexing Biceps and ABS

This is my photo of the day, the shot was taken this morning, this time focus the camera in medium close to stress the muscles and shape of my torso and arms, so you can see clearly my contracion abdominal flexion and my biceps.

If you like my picture please let me your comenatarios, messages and suggestions.

Successes and happy day.


VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Young Strong and Ripped Biceps Flexing

In this new update, I present a video in which flex the muscles of the arms, focusing my attention on the biceps, one of the most important muscle groups in this area of the body, a well-developed biceps give strength to the arms and allow us to be more resistant when performing activities that require strength and endurance.

I hope to improve my work with my biceps in the gym, because it is my desire to build a strong biceps, solid, tough, sexy, and muscular and I'll make if I keep the hard work and disciplined in the gym.
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Give sex when you least expect

Men often make the mistake of thinking they are the only ones who think about sex all day and is excited every moment. Grave mistake. Women also think about it a lot more than you think....

Sometimes a brief look at the back of a co-worker can make them fall into bad thoughts. If you meet the adrenaline to surprise your wife will inevitably fall. So make love not surprise bad fall.

For example, when food of your work you can invite to dinner, and instead, take it to a hotel. Make love and then return each to its activities. She will not stop thinking about you and maybe at night you get home, wanting to seduce you or make you a surprise visit to your department, asking more ...


Eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Provide vitamins, fiber and are low in calories and cholesterol.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

VIDEO OF THE DAY: ABS Flexing Before Shower

This is a video about my ABS, capture this video I made in the morning before taking a shower, so I'm in a towel, but the idea of the video is seen as contract and relax the abdominal muscles in the morning, if you like the video please comment, rate and subscribe, and if they want to see more please leave your message to tell, all this work I do with love and for you all to enjoy.

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The man needs to sleep, but for the development of an athlete sleeping in quantity and in order is as necessary as breathing. During sleep your body relaxes, secretes for itself a lot of substances that accelerate recovery.

During the week we can not all stick a nap after eating or training, but we can try to sleep eight hours and go to bed at about the same time. Details of bed and getting up at the same time may seem absurd, but in the body there are a number of circumstances called biorhythms. These biorhythms, when regularized with a series of constant habits (eating, sleeping, training) causes the body armonize and always works the same way. This way you can avoid what we call "bad days" or low performance.

The theme of the nap has been studied by countless coaches, and all have agreed on its great benefits. As mentioned above, it is difficult to nap during the week, but if the weekend we punish more than necessary, we can use to nap of 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

sábado, 7 de julio de 2012


Hi, I'm Poncho ...

Everyone are welcome to my blog, here in this space I'll be sharing with you tips on health, nutrition, sport, exercise, training and amateur bodybuilding.

Will share photos, videos, articles related to health, sex, personal care, beauty, male grooming and healthy living habits.

I look forward to your support in this new project and visit my blog a lot and my social networks.
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