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Means biotype or somatic, the physical form that has the body of a human being. This form is determined by many factors such as metabolism, bone formation, muscle mass and the tendency to accumulate fat, among others.
Most professionals agree Somatic classify types into three groups: Endomorphs, Ectomorphs and Mesomorphs.


Endomorphs individuals tend to overweight the metabolic rate so slow: store fat easily. They tend to be above the average weight of the population. As for the relationship to bodybuilding this means having to watch your diet and much more to follow very strictly, and perform a greater amount of aerobic work to stay low in fat. This is the downside. However they have the advantage that if they train well, muscle and strength gain easily.

In summary arguably ectomorph opposite: it must focus your efforts to lose fat while the ectomorph should strive to gain mass.


Individuals belonging to this body type tend to be thin with long limbs, their bone structure is also thin. They are usually underweight considered "normal" and have difficulty gaining weight. Your metabolism is accelerated, taking very little food intake.
Approaching it from the point of view the advantage of bodybuilding is that ectomorphs have to follow a strict diet and did not even do aerobic exercise to keep your body low in fat, but the major drawback is the difficulty that also have to gain muscle. Each gram of muscle gained will be with great effort, and will work as hard (or more) and eat a diet that allows you to grow as the training itself.


* Difficulty gaining weight and muscle
* Main fragile nature
* Flat Chest
* Fragile
* Thin
* Slightly muscular
* Small Shoulders


Etymologically, "meso" means "middle" is precisely this body type somewhere between the other two. People who have this biotype find it easier to have an athletic figure. The mesomorphic are prone to develop more easily mass and muscle tone and strength. Those who practice bodybuilding explain that these people have a V-shaped body (males) or hourglass (women). Your metabolism is regular and should not follow strict diets to keep fit, although more weight should be monitored as the tendency to accumulate fat is higher than in the case of the ectomorph.
The mesomorphic tend to be muscular and athletic in nature. They gain muscle easily and is the perfect body type for bodybuilding and just about any sport that involves strength and muscle: evidence even without much training and following a regular diet, get some good muscles, highlighting well above most if following a train rigorous and a good diet. Almost all professional bodybuilders are of this type somatic, combined with an exceptional training and steroid use allows them to reach levels of muscularity so amazing.


* Athletic
* Hard Body
* Form of "hourglass" in women
* Square shape or V in men
* Body muscled
* Excellent position
* Gain muscle easily
* Earn fat more easily than the ectomorph
* Thick skin


 Seldom does an individual belongs to a pure body type, except for the morbidly obese (pure endomorph) or the thin end (pure ectomorph). Normally a person with normal weight is an endomorph and ectomorph combination, ectomorph and mesomorph and.

The ENDO-MESOMORPHIC (half athletic, half fat) gain muscle mass quickly, they recommended a rapid and intense training: supersets, giant sets, descending sets, etc.. Overtraining should not worry because usually stored as glycogen, which ends up as fat. The best thing for them is to reduce carbohydrates, eating fiber and vegetables. The rest of the diet should be based on protein and healthy fats, thus retain less fluid. Can be used a 50% protein, 25% carbohydrates and 25% fat.

In the ECTO-MESOMORPHIC, it is difficult to gain muscle, but they always have definite aspect. They train with a lot of weight and get plenty of rest, spacing workouts. Recovery time should be taken or begin to use your own muscle tissue. Should consume about 40% protein, 30% carbohydrate and 30% fat.

Models: Randy Orton
              Julian Naderer
              Stefan Gatt

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