sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

MY PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Sexy, Ripped and Natural Young Man

This is my photo of the week, is a new month and week and it's time for a new picture, the truth is I was very excited to update my gallery and take a new picture, the shot was taken this afternoon when I got home, after having had a day full of interesting and positive activities , on my way home and thought about the type of photo, the pose, the elements that would use, and what I wanted to convey with the image came to mind several ideas; when I get home, go to my room and prepared to do my job, get my camera, remove the clothes I was wearing, I put a short comfortable and choose not to wear shirt, then stand in front of me the camera, try various poses and when I found the pose indicated, fire the flash and capture this wonderful image that highlights all the upper body and shows clearly the structure, musculature and definition of my torso, chest, arms, abs, core and the V-shape of the pelvic area.
Regarding the pose that I use for this photo I define as simple, and reflects tranquility and relaxation, and shows a young male, athletic and sport.

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Even a next update.

Blessings, Peace, Success, Good Health and Happy Month and Week.


Model: MrFitBoy007


Some time ago, the popular magazine Men's Health published guidance on the characteristics of the penis. Not only was the classic concerns abound about the size, but to share some of the peculiarities, rarities and lesser-known scientific evidence of the male member.
For example: did you know that using the foreskins of circumcised infants doctors can grow skin for burn victims? Or that the main cause of fractures vigorous masturbation?Here, we give 5 facts you did not know about the penis.

1. Smoking may shorten penis almost a centimeter. Erections are all about good blood flow and snuff calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation.

2. The foreskin can be reconstructed after circumcision. Is pulled upwardly mobile skin of the shaft and is fixed in position with tape. Later, doctors apply plastic rings, caps, and weights. Years can pass until complete cover the glans. 

3. There are two kinds of penises, which expands and lengthens when becoming erect and looking great all the time, but much bigger after achieving erection. A male health study reported that 79% of men have the first type of penis, while the remaining 21% are the second.

4. Probably the penis satisfaction achieved more women Fatefehi was the king of Tonga, who supposedly was the first man with whom were 37 000 800 women between 1770 and 1784, that's about seven virgins a day.

5. No brain is necessary for ejaculation. The order is from the spinal cord. However, find a vessel for said ejaculation, can take hours of careful thought.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Choose Your Personal Trainer Based on Results

Do not look for a personal trainer for their appearance or what you’ve gotten yourself, look for considering what he has achieved with its customers. 

This is essential to make a good choice. Understand.

SEXUAL TIP OF THE WEEK: Stop-Start Technique

You need to get used to building your arousal to where you’re almost at that point of no return, says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., sex researcher at Indiana University and author of Great in Bed. 

Start stimulation, but as soon as you feel you’re getting too aroused, simply pause for a brief moment—Herbenick recommends 5 to 10 seconds—and let your arousal subside. After repeating this technique a few times, feel free to release.

Source: Men's Health

Models: Baby and Tyler Nixon by X- Art

              Gianna and Tyler Nixon by X- Art


Four days a week, wear a heavy backpack and make a series of push-ups to failure. Then do a set of pushups asymmetric, with one hand on the floor and the other on a small box. After 5-10 repetitions, change hands and repeat.

Now the box away and do pushups with hands together to failure. Rest. Repeat every 5 times.

Source: M.H.


Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Water is important for our body to develop all its functions successfully.