miércoles, 26 de junio de 2013

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Sexy Teen Flexing Upper Body and ABS in Jeans

Hey! After a long absence I am back with new updates, in this video you can see clearly how I flex my upper body and my abs in jeans, and my progress in these areas of my body, have been small progress, but big and satisfying for me because this year I had many responsibilities, and it is a blessing to preserve the shape and definition of my muscles.

I kept the consistency and discipline with my diet and my exercise routine, and the results have been very good because I came down a lot my body fat percentage, I’m very happy with this result, it is an incentive to my tenacity and hard work in the gym, I hope to continue like this and down a bit but my percentage of fat, my goal is redurcirlo hills as possible and increase my muscle mass, these are my goals for this year and I am sure you can keep, and I will not stop , because I’m ready for change and I am very motivated.

I will continue to work hard in the gym and the motivation up, so that you can each time enjoy a better show and see more progress in me, if you like my videos and updates please comment, rate and subscribe, you can also leave me your messages and suggestions all constructive criticism are welcome, thank you all for your love and support, it is very valuable to me.

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Blessings, Successes, Peace, Love and Good Health.


Model: Poncho " MrFitBoy007"

TIP OF THE WEEK: Know Your Body

It is important that you have a basic knowledge of the anatomy of your body when creating your bodybuilding workout plan. 

Knowing the location of each muscle group increases their ability to work these muscles to their maximum capacity.

Source: megazine.co

Models: Mariano Ontanon
               Kerry Degman

SEXUAL TIP OF THE WEEK: Trim Your Pubic Hair

              How To Shave Your Groin | Body Shaving Tips From Gillette

Pubic hair is another cloak that hides your pride and joy. Trim the hair around the base of your penis and not only will you expose more of the shaft, you’ll make it more enjoyable for your good lady to provide you with oral pleasure.


Model: Unknown By Phillips

Video:  Body Shaving Tips By Gillette

EXERCISE TIP OF THE WEEK: Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercises can cause the veins that feed the muscles more marked.


Model: Kevin Lisak by Michael A. Downs

NUTRITION TIP OF THE WEEK: Eat More Beef Meat (Grass Fed Beef)

Veal is important for the development of lean muscle mass due to its content of protein, cholesterol, zinc, iron and B vitamins.

 The beef from grass-fed beef has much higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventionally fed cattle, which helps eliminate body fat and lean muscle mass development.


1. Eat a balanced way with a high protein intake.

2. Do not neglect carbohydrates (pasta, rice, corn, wheat ...).

3. Accompanying consuming products that provide balanced and vitamins and minerals.

4. Associate vitamin C to proteins (kiwi, citrus, parsley) to promote iron absorption.

5. Track an adapted sports program muscle development.

6. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day to eliminate waste produced throughout the effort.

7. Eating fruits and vegetables without moderation, which are a source of vitamins and minerals protective muscles.

8. Do not leave aside the beneficial fats of vegetable (canola, walnut, olive, grapeseed) that are key elements in cellular constitution.

Source: Punto Fape