viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

MY PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Poncho Upper Body, Chest and ABS Wet

Hey! This is my photo of the week, after a long absence, I'm back with new updates on my photo gallery, I hope you have missed me during this time.

This photo I take this week just after taking a relaxing shower, the moment I found it appropriate to capture this picture where you can see clearly, my upper body and my chest wet, and you can see the definition of the muscles in my chest and abdominal, from a proper angle that reveals my progress in these areas of the body, the image I think is great because it shows my progress, my work and shows a young man, athletic and healthy.

I very much regret having abandoned them for so long, but I estdo very busy with my studies and other issues, but the important thing is that I'm back, here, with you, to share new photos, progress and motivation.

If you like please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions, all are welcome positive criticism, remember that these pictures do them with much love to you my friends and followers, so enjoy.

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Even a next update.

Take Care.

Blessings, Peace, Success, Good Health and Happy Week.


Model:  Poncho "MrFitBoy007"

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