miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012

MY PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Christmas and New Year 2013 Card


A God who gives me life and inspiration, that whenever my family supports me, my friends, followers, those who watch my videos and support me with your comments, suggestions and positive messages, the promoters of my channel and all people in every place in the world, I wish at this special time much love, peace, success, light, happiness, prosperity and good health.

That next year (2013) is full of many blessings to you all, and families in their homes and true love reigns, and that worldwide there is peace and unity.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year 2013 wishes you MrFitBoy007.


Model : Poncho "MrFitBoy007"

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Sexy Teen Flexing Muscles in Christmas - Merry Christmas Happy Holidays and New Year 2013 -

Hey ! I'm back with a new update, the last of this year, a Christmas special show dedicated to the flexion of my muscles and to thank God and all those who since have supported me to start playing my videos and leaving their criticism constructive.

In this video I wanted to highlight all the muscles of my body, as special Christmas, showing my progress and looking forward to improve every day, so next year I will work harder in the gym and keep the motivation up, because my goal is to be better on all levels of my life.

If you like please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions.

Next year back with more updates, flexing, progress, videos, photos, and more surprises.

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Blessings, Successes, Peace, Love and Good Health.


Model: Poncho "MrFitBoy007"

TIP OF THE WEEK: Train in the Afternoon

Best time of day to train ...

In the Afternoon

Although a lot of people exercise in the morning, the University of Southern Mississippi conducted an experiment in which 16 people would train in the morning and 16 in the afternoon. Those who did so in the afternoon achieved a 3% increase in muscle mass and a decrease of 9% body fat.

Model: Robert T. for strengthnet.com 

NUTRITION TIP OF THE DAY: Including Garlic in Your Diet

Despite the smell, the garlic will help to prevent the formation of cancer cells and reduce hypertension.

Source: M.H.


Swimming is one of the best exercises because they work all the major muscles of the body.

Model: Ryan Lochte  

SEXUAL TIP OF THE WEEK: Doing it Burns Calories

Due to its brevity, having an orgasm fries only two or three calories. But the prelude can burn quite a bit more, depending on your weight and the length and vigor of the lovemaking session.

For example, a raucous romp uses about 5 METs (metabolic equivalents), a system for gauging the intensity of physical activity. (Sitting quietly, for comparison, is equal to 1 MET.) So, a 190-pound man would burn 413 calories in an hour of vigorous sexual activity. But since the average lovemaking session is about 20 minutes, you’re talking about only around 150 calories. 

Still, that’s more than double the caloric expenditure of sitting alone on the couch.

Source: M.H.

Models: Baby and Tyler Nixon by X-Art

              Angelica and Ben by X-Art