viernes, 19 de julio de 2013


* Name: Jeffrey Seid
* DOB: June 12th, 1994
* Place of Birth: Renton, WA. United States
* Residence: Renton, WA. United States
* Height: 6'0
* Weight: 190 lb

* Hair: Light Brown

Jeff Seid was born June 12, 1994 in Renton, Washington, United States. He started playing sports at the age of 5 years, at 12 years old starts in practice weightlifting, has always been known for being a very athletic man, his overwhelming passion for the sport has kept him motivated in his search to be better every day, and perseverance led him to develop habits and lifestyles, so soon realized that being physically strong and be in good shape it would help to have a greater advantage in life.

In high school stood out for the great skill and ability in sports, but his dreams vanished injury as a player and wrestler, after some surgeries and recovery, he discovered that his true vocation was the building, thanks to a visit made the website, this motivated him to participate in some events related to the sport, with a training and constant hard physical work for more than five years in the gym Jeff had all the elements necessary to excel in this sport .

Jeff Seid, has made some major titles in competitive bodybuilding as the Men's Physique, first show in which he participated, is a personal trainer ISSA certified, also known for his work as a fitness model, and thanks to his amazing physical condition has managed to capture the attention of important photographers such as Luis Rafael, Michael Anthony Downs, among others.

All this makes it a good example and an inspiration for young people and man fitness of the month.


Model: Jeff Seid

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