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MASTURBATION: It is a practice of procuring sexual pleasure yourself.

Let's examine some common myths about masturbation affecting our views.


* It is a childhood form of sexuality that should be abandoned at maturity.

* It is a poor substitute for what "really matters", ie intercourse.

* It is a compulsion. Once you start can not be stopped.

* The desire to masturbate when one disappears evenly.

* It is harmful physical / emotional / mental.

* Orgasms that one experiences when masturbating are lower than seeking sex.

* Masturbation is a private, for solitude, for not sharing.

* Sex is something to give to others, so, masturbation is selfish and self-indulgent.

* Only people masturbate lonely, isolated or inadequate.

* The men masturbate, but women do not feel like it, or do not.

* When you get used to providing masturbation orgasms, then you can not reach completion in relation to the other.

After examining some of the myths that characterize masturbation, let us examine some positive aspects of sexual activity very misunderstood and discredited.


It is an act of rediscovery, the little pleasure get active in self-exploration and contact, only later feel guilt or inhibitions about it.

We can learn about their own eroticism: what we like and what we need as individuals, we are unique and can be experts in regard to ourselves.

We learn to value our genitals and enjoy our own arousal or orgasm.

It is good for you. Masturbation sex keeps your system running smoothly. Women are allowed to keep the vagina lubricated and maintain a healthy vaginal. Some orgasm helps relieve menstrual tension and pelvic congestion. For men, masturbation keeps working the reflexes of erection and ejaculation.

It is a valuable means to be sexually independent, and an excellent preparation for future sex. If both members of the couple take individual responsibility in meeting their own needs and occasionally enjoy sex masturbation as an option, both have a wider sexual repertoire and relieve the other of the burden of having to be always in the same level of desire or to satisfy their sexual needs. If you know what you can teach your partner, which avoids many riddles, frustration and discomfort.

For women who have not experienced orgasm, masturbation can ensure the intensity of sexual stimulation free from the pressure of having to "act" with a partner, which maintains the need to reach orgasm. Some may find it difficult to reach this level if you harbor negative feelings about autoeroticism, but well worth spending some time and energy to this discovery of the self.

Masturbation is a self-abandonment to pleasure, is to love, be complacent, loose physically, mentally and emotionally. It helps relax and relieve sexual tensions, physiological and psychological.

It's legal, non-fattening, is safe and can always be resorted to.

We do not know when we can be alone. If we can enjoy one's sexuality and achieve some degree of independence and sexual confidence will be better positioned to make a conscious choice on our next sexual relationship, rather than rushing to establish a couple of desperation or unsatisfactory sexual frustration.

The degree of physical pleasure derived from masturbation, from arousal to orgasm, it can be as intense as that experienced in other sexual activities, and more.

Models : Todd Sanfield by Rick Day
                Philip Scherrer by David Vance
                Scarlett by X-ART

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