miércoles, 1 de agosto de 2012

MY PHOTO OF THE DAY: Jeans, Headphones and Flex

This is my photo of the day, Today begins a new month and time for a new photo, this time I show them how you see the shape of my body in profile, the shot was taken in mid-morning, shortly after returning from my school, I was very encouraged by making a new picture, so when you get home look for the camera, remove the shirt I was wearing, and I just take my jeans, I stand in front of the camera looking for the best angle when I found this wonderful image capture, where you can see the shape and form defined and athletic in my body, the result of my work in the gym.

If you like please let me your comments, messages and suggestions, these photos do with love for you my friends and followers, who always support me in everything I undertake, so enjoy.

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Even a next update.

Blessings, Peace, Success, Good Health and Happy August.

Model: Poncho (MrFitBoy007)

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