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Maybe after some time of happy marriage (or cohabitation happy) you and she decide to have a child. Of course, the best part is in the process of leaving your "seed" in it. But it takes more than that to increase the chances that everything goes well. If you plan to soon have a child, or if you are having trouble getting one, read the following.

What you do:

1.Take a multivitamin: Men with poor sperm quality (ie with few sperm or that have weak) often have deficiencies in their levels of zinc, manganese, selenium and vitamins A, C and E, according to Lani Burkman, assistant professor of gynecology, obstetrics and urology at the University of Buffalo (USA)

2. Do not take testosterone supplements: Your testosterone should come from your own testicles, says Larry Lipshultz urologist (U.S.) "If you take testosterone, you will diminish your own production."

3. Weight loss: "Fat tissue converts testosterone to estrogen," says Lipshultz. Without testosterone, no sperm. Regular exercise will help reverse this situation and can also help you improve your sexual performance and even the apparent size of your member.

4. Minimize stress: stress affects live sperm quality, says Burkman. Work a little less, sleep more and have fun with a relaxing hobby. Sex, for example.

5. Quit smoking: nicotine Your sperm confused with a natural chemical overload and he says Burkman. This may reduce the quantity and quality and to impair its DNA.

6. Think about taking a supplement: Some relatively new products (Fertile One, Proxeed, Fertility Blend and others) are advertised as a great help, but nothing is proven, says Lipshultz. The truth is that they will not hurt and may help you improve the quality, not quantity of your sperm.

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