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Several types of protein on the market. The most recommended for its excellent benefits for the body is protein isolated from whey. This protein is the most effective, highest quality, low in carbohydrates and fats and is also recognized as the best protein used by the body. All professionals use this type of protein to increase muscle mass.

100% is found that those training consumption may benefit from dietary supplement shakes and smoothies or whey protein. It provides a high amount of protein and high levels of calcium, magnesium and other minerals can be digested in liquid form.

The whey protein taken before and after training, increased recovery. Whether your purpose is to gain muscle or lose weight, supplement your diet with a protein shake or smoothie can accelerate gains in muscle mass and weight loss. Basic benefits:

 Easily digested:

Those who train with weights and all athletes can save time consuming milkshake to finish their workouts because the body absorbs nutrients better now. Also, as these supplements contain many vitamins and minerals not found in our daily diet, supplementation is in conviernten ideal for anyone who has a busy life.

Suitable for lactose intolerant:

Anyone who is lactose intolerant know what sticks in trying to consume shakes daily. Many supplements whey protein, are made in combination with egg protein, soy and casein. This means that not suffer the same effects if consumed products made purely from milk. However, for those who are lactose intolerant, it is best to consult a professional before using such supplements to increase muscle mass or lose weight.

 Improves Recovery:

Upon completing a intense workout, your body needs to recover. To do this, you need the necessary nutrients. Protein is the essential element of muscle repair. To be consumed after a workout, this supplement to increase muscle mass active recovery mechanisms of the body.

 Decreases appetite:

A diet high in protein can reduce hunger, making it easier for low-calorie diet without suffering from hunger. Nutritional supplements of whey protein can be used as a substitute or as a snach between meals.

 Excellent source of amino acids:

Our bodies require a substantial amount of protein and amino acids to run quality. Nutritional supplements of whey protein contain a high concentration of amino acids to be used in the protein synthesis and thus increase muscle mass.

 Improves Metabolism

Eating a diet high in protein functions as fuel. When consumed during the day, works as a power source to keep your metabolism active. With an active metabolism burn more calories.

Consume 30-40 grams of whey protein in each serving. It's better if you use it before and after training but can also replace a meal if necessary. Try to get protein from other food sources, not only of these shakes or smoothies to increase muscle mass.


* Increases Glutathione Levels: our body gradually undergoes oxidative processes that cause it multiple diseases, glutathione is a natural antioxidant that protect against these processes.

* Protects Against Osteoporosis: whey protein has a good amount of calcium and is very low in sodium, and there have been studies that strengthens the resistance to fracture of the femoral bone beyond due to its calcium content.

* Improves Wound Healing: in patients who have suffered burners or have undergone surgery, whey protein is highly recommended due to its high quality and bioavailability.

* Protects Against Possible Tumors: the rise glutathione levels implies indirectly against the growth and development of tumors in the body.

* Benefits the Cardiovascular Status: whey protein helps to lower bad cholesterol and increase the good in our body, because of the presence of lactoferrin, a bioactive fractions. Besides lowering systolic blood pressure known as high.

* Strengthens The Immune System: this is also due to lactoferrin and increased glutathione. The boost the immune system leads to a reduction in infections developing.

* Optimum Nutrition  - 100% Whey Gold Standard 

* Nature's Best  - Zero Carb Isopure

* BSN - Syntha-6

* Gaspari Nutrition MyoFusion

* Dymatize -  Elite Whey 


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  1. i read somewhere Whey Protein are beneficial. They provide your body with protein that the food you eat may not be providing. but i wann know Whey Protein usefull for body building..??

  2. Hello Kushal, Thanks for your comment, the whey protein is very beneficial for building lean muscle mass, is one of the best dietary supplements to professional and amateur athletes, because it is the whey protein contains natural elements , then it helps a lot to all who seek to increase our muscle mass, and allows us to add to our diet more beneficial nutrients for our body and health in general.