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Masturbation Impulsive

It is that which is produced on the fly without it being a big mental or imaginative elaboration.

Compulsive Masturbation

The autoerotic act is done by a process of doubt, of being forced to do that one, but unintentionally, struggling to avoid it. It is very common, especially in people with moral standards rooted.

Masturbation Compensation Of Frustrations

Modern man is subjected to imposed disappointments of modern life and that sometimes, is not prepared to overcome. Hence often emerges masturbation behavior through a compensation mechanism, which facilitates equalization or compensation some momentary relief in correcting the difficulties that we cross.

Always on stage Mental images and sexual fantasies that, in small natural stimuli from outside, or caused by them, will trigger this dynamic autosexual.

Masturbation Releasing Tensions

It usually occurs in people with anxiety, stress, intense concerns, etc.. In these cases, the experience is accompanied by a relaxation that dissolves inside the anxious concern.

Masturbation Hypersexual Person

In these cases it may be someone very focused on sexuality, with few goals in life, no cultural concern, and given to a certain machismo outdated consisting tell friends sexual adventures. Failing these subjects' dose of regular sex ", resort to masturbation.
Models: Philip Fusco
              Jon Sotirios
              Josh Ohl
              John Micklow
              Jason T.

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