sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

MY PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Sexy, Ripped and Natural Young Man

This is my photo of the week, is a new month and week and it's time for a new picture, the truth is I was very excited to update my gallery and take a new picture, the shot was taken this afternoon when I got home, after having had a day full of interesting and positive activities , on my way home and thought about the type of photo, the pose, the elements that would use, and what I wanted to convey with the image came to mind several ideas; when I get home, go to my room and prepared to do my job, get my camera, remove the clothes I was wearing, I put a short comfortable and choose not to wear shirt, then stand in front of me the camera, try various poses and when I found the pose indicated, fire the flash and capture this wonderful image that highlights all the upper body and shows clearly the structure, musculature and definition of my torso, chest, arms, abs, core and the V-shape of the pelvic area.
Regarding the pose that I use for this photo I define as simple, and reflects tranquility and relaxation, and shows a young male, athletic and sport.

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Even a next update.

Blessings, Peace, Success, Good Health and Happy Month and Week.


Model: MrFitBoy007

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