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The penis is always under pressure. The owners always want more of it, that hold more that work better and of course, whichever is greater. The issue of size and men's dissatisfaction with the size it is his penis is ancient. And do not exaggerate, the first "technical" for penis enlargement lossumerios dating, the first known human civilization, about 5000 years. This "art" did not work and 5 thousand years later still looking, still without success, one that does, ie 5000 years we blur of what is really important.

Lately it has been talking about the "small penis syndrome" which refers to men who feel they have a small penis when objectively has an average size. This belief affects their lives, damaging their self esteem and their ability to engage sexually with a partner, for fear of not being a good lover. Here a little perspective:

  • The average erect penis size is between 10 and 15 cm and 12 to 13 inches in circumference at the middle trunk, which is the widest part.

  • The vagina is about 7 cm resting depth and once excited can grow to 14 cms.

  • The vagina is only sensitive counting the first 3 cm from the entrance. The rest of the vaginal canal is insensitive.

  • 85% of women are unhappy with the size of their partner's penis and complaining, mostly because it is too big and becomes painful penetration.

  • However, 45% of men are dissatisfied with the size of their penises because they consider them too small.

  • Only 0.6% of men have a micropenis, a condition where the penis is smaller than 5 cm in erection, but is fully functional.

Moreover, studies indicate that when a woman was satisfactory measures how sex refers neither to the size of the penis of her lover, even by reaching orgasm or not, but the emotional connection they could do with his partner before, during and especially after sex. Yes, the famous "snuggle" is what, ultimately, makes a good lover is really important.

Model : Jamie Dominic by Rick Day

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