viernes, 27 de julio de 2012

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Full Flexing Body

In this new update I want to share with you a video where I make a little review of several of the most important areas of the body muscaular level of development such as: where arms are important muscles such as biceps, triceps and forearm, the upper body where the muscles of the chest, abs and core, the back area comprising a variety of important muscles to give slimness and stability, which are located on the upper back, middle and low respectively, and not downplay the legs and calves, which contain many muscles that help us look good and give us strength for activities such as running, jogging or just walking.

So this is what we will see in this video we review the most important areas of my body which focuses more development and the work I do at the gym, I hope you like it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording and editing the video.

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Peace, Love, Success, Good Health and Blessings.


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