viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

MY PHOTO OF THE WEEK: Shows Upper Body and Biceps Flexing

Hey! After a long absence, I'm back with new updates, I hope you have missed me, lol.

It's a new week , and it's time for a new picture, this photo was taken this morning after I returned from training in the gym, it was a very productive day because you spend too much time on my exercise routine and I fun in the process.

In the picture I wanted to highlight the definition, aesthetic, and muscles of my upper body and my arms, and you can clearly see the progress each award recently I have with my work in the gym, my biceps are bigger and stronger , my triceps are more defined, my chest is more muscular, and my abs is more defined, I lowered my body fat percentage, my health is great and I feel very good about my appearance in general.

I've been concentrating on my studies, but also working hard and I've kept the motivation up because I want to be better every day and I want to achieve my personal goals and physical.

If you like please leave me your comments, messages and suggestions, all are welcome constructive criticism, remember that these photos do them with much love to you my friends and followers, so enjoy.

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Even a next update.

Take Care.

Blessings, Peace, Success, Good Health and Happy Week.


Model:  MrFitBoy007

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